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Come to one of our Tuesday Evening Front Porch Concerts and enter to win 2 FREE tickets to the August 3, 2008 DCI tour stop!


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Just Jill:

This summer is already turning out to be busy for all of us here at the store.

The Tuesday Evening Font Porch Concerts are hitting and this year is turning out to be a drummer summer. Some of Cleveland's best jazz players are coming to the stage including Bill Ransom, Glenn Davis, Ron Godale, Paul Samuels, and the list continues...

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Afro-Caribbean Grooves for Drumset
Publisher: Sher Music

A new publication by Jean-Philippe Fanfant. This book is packed full of "grooves", style, tradition and culture. Visit the islands and sub-cultures without having to leave your drumset. Included is an enhanced audio and video CD. A great add on for the drummer who wishes to expand on their ethnic repertoire.

Drum Play-Along Series Publisher: Hal Leonard

The series currently has published the Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Funk, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix books. They include CD's that give the drummer the option of playing with or without the CD as well as offering a "slow down" option for the songs that take a little extra practice to understand. A fun supplement to add to lesson material or just a fun book in general to play along with.

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