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Greg Bennett guitars by Samick are meticulously designed and a great value in every price bracket!
Our fave company for a huge array of products, run by the D'Addario family--some of the nicest people in the industry!
Dunlop accessories, plus classic effects from MXR, the legendary Crybaby, and more...
Takamine's website has info galore
From cables to care products , tuners, capos, & straps,: an ever-growing array of accessories!
The online home of the mag, packed with features, video, and gear reviews for the tone addict.
Need replacement tubes? the GROOVE TUBES online guide can help determine the correct one! Just plug in your amp brand and model!
An acoustic guitar fingerstylist with impeccable touch and exquisitely crafted arrangements. Check out EdMart!
The reigning king of Zydeco accordion.
Rare photos and information,including new releases of the late pianists recordings, both his "Peanuts" music and other jazz ventures.
Official home to the Mingus legacy, (administered by Sue Mingus) including the Mingus Big Band and Charles Mingus Orchestra info.
Our own faculty member Paul Samuels performs with or leads a variety of groups. He has played with some of the biggest names in jazz,. Find out more about his projects on his website.
Just what the name says!
Brian Henke is NorthEast Ohio's own acoustic master. Check out his venues, buy all of his CDs!
Neil is a great 12-string player. Check him out!
Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band is the standard bearer for the 21st Century big band sound. Check them out!
Cleveland's Premier Jazz & World Music Live venue.
The Winchester
tavern &
music hall
The west side's eclectic small hall concert venue. From classic to cutting edge, plus open mike nights.
Kyle's an amazing fingerstylist, and he writes some really nice stuff, too. His website gives you the full picture--go visit!
The main site for music education advocates, band boosters, and others trying to keep music in the curriculum.
Bringing music up close and personal to schools and communities
Showcases the eco-friendly initiatives of the D'Addario Company
The Music Edge offers plenty of info (aimed at teens) regarding playing an instrument, supporting the arts, etc.
The Recreational Music Making site supports the health benefits of music making. Whether you are interested in the research or just want to connect with people making music for enjoyment, start here!
The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation:
Have an instrument to donate? Contact these folks to send it to a needy school.
Remember, we also operate the Play On Instrument Drive for the benefit of the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. You can also donate through the store for this cause!
If you're looking for information, value, or a buyer for that old instrument you found in Uncle Bert's basement, here are a few sources.

Keep in mind that these folks get zillions of requests, and don't expect much (if any) reply unless you've got something really interesting. They are not operating a free advice service, nor are they avid collectors ready to buy every cool guitar that happens along.

These are experts, and expert advice usually costs something. They only buy something to sell it at a profit, so you won't get market value for an instrument even if they DO make an offer--but they have access to buyers you'd never find, (and can get prices out of them you'd never have the credibility to ask) so it may still be in your best interest to work through them. You may be able to glean enough information from their sites or related links to get an idea about your instrument.

If you contact them and they seem interested in it, they'll want a clear photo of front, back, and details of special features or flaws before they'll even speculate about it. Remember too that a listing for a specific price on an auction site doesn't mean squat unless it is SOLD at that price.
An instrument is only worth what you can sell it for, not what you might sell it for.
George Gruhn is the dean of the vintage guitar scene.
Lansing MI dealer specializing in vintage acoustic and folk instruments
History of H.N. White Co.--precursor of King. Maintained by the White family
Vintage drum info, sales, and pictures
Staten Island's Mecca for the ultimate jazz boxes, historical electric and acoustic guitars. Yes, mandolins too.

You are more likely to have an intact mastodon skeleton in your backyard than a Stradivarius in your attic. Yes, we know it says it's one on the label. We call them "Stradivarious", because there are so many copies of the Master's violins out there, some more legit than others. That doesn't mean it's worthless, but an older (as in pre-WWII) instrument in playing condition could be worth from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. (As opposed to millions for one from Tony's shop in old Cremona.) Only an expert can appraise its quality and condition.
Craftsman Peter Horn
is in our store every other Saturday
from 9-1. Bring it by for a $10 verbal appraisal
if you want to get more information.
Find out about copyrights, register your own work, get government publications, and access the Library of Congress
If you have accordion questions, Jack & Kathy White are the go to folks.
Learn more about preserving your hearing. Studies have shown musicians lose high frequency perception and general acuity earlier and more commonly than the general population. DUH.
Protect your hearing!
Here you will find free music lessons that you can download, share and trade with your friends and fellow musicians.
Tutorials, product reviews, and other information about recording and sound.
The PBS/WNET television series' website contains fascinating material--from birdsong biology to singing Neanderthals to the psyche of the composer.
Donate used instruments to Play On!
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