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Scroll through the recital scrapbook for some great pictures of our students in action! For privacy considerations, we do not post names of the students involved. We also take these pictures without flash that would disturb a performer, and sometimes the picture doesn't come out--too dark, blurry, please don't contact us and ask why your child isn't shown! Really, we're not excluding them--they probably moved too fast!
The scrapbook is done by year, so when the new year's first recital hits, we'll shift to an archive page and only the current year pictures will show here.

On dates where there are multiple recitals we will show a separate gallery for each one.

Additional Privacy Notice:

If you see a picture of your child that you would rather not have posted, we will gladly remove the image . Simply let us know and we'll delete it or re-edit the photo to crop out your child. Please specify the recital date, instrument, and page position so we can be sure we're getting the correct one. No names are attached to these photos, so months later we may not know who is who.

2010 Scrapbook:
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February 21

March 21

April 26

April 26 adult

May 17

May 17 jazz

August 30 Drum

September 20

October 18

October 18 Adult

November 15

November 15 Jazz


MARCH 15, 2009



FEBRUARY 15, 2009


One of our LOUDEST recitals! Drums and saxophone dominated the celebration, with guitar, flute and piano for leavening. We feel it's important to present the "full circle" of performance, so we encourage every instrument--and every student--to perform whenever they're ready. At this recital some of the students also presented their own compositions.