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Below you'll find a few of the major brands we carry, along with some key accessory lines we feature.

Consider this just a sample, though, particularly when it comes to accessories. There are literally hundreds of brands available to us on an order-in basis, and most orders in stock at the supplier take about two weeks to arrive. We also add--or test market--brands and lines regularly, so this listing is just a start. Call if you don't see the brand listed here--but read the note below about franchised brands (usually major instrument lines) and our ability to procure them.

It's important to know that major lines (such as guitar and drum brands) are franchised, much like car dealerships, and only certain dealers in each geographic area carry some brands. Of course, with some web-only retailers selling to the whole planet, this seems a quaint custom, but we don't make the rules. If we did, ice cream would be a health food. So before you go any further, we are NOT franchised for Fender, Gibson, Pearl, Tama, Ibanez, Selmer, Yamaha, or any of their subsidiary brands (among others). We can't procure these products for you. Please also note that we don't carry pianos, keyboards, or signal processors.
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