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We were pleased to welcome Jennifer back to the store! Since her last visit three years ago, she has become the editorial manager of all the Hal Leonard educational piano publications. This allowed her to offer a unique perspective on the materials, because she can discuss them as a pedagogue, composer, editor, and marketer.

Her wide-ranging presentation covered the latest materials in the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, popular material from Phillip Keveren and the roster of Hal Leonard authors, and finally, her own delightful compositions. Gracious, entertaining and insightful, she is an ideal clinician for such a broad array of material. If you missed the workshop, stop in and ask Jill for more information and a look at some of the pieces she covered.


Jennifer Linn
Friday, June 19

Bradley Sowash
Friday, July 24

Above: autographing books for teachers and their students.

Special thanks to Tony Mastadonna and Classic Pianos of Akron, who provided the Yamaha baby grand and Clavinova for the presentation.

The sidebar contains links to our other 2009 Piano Pedagogy Workshops. You may register for all at once if you wish.

In addition to discounts the morning of each workshop, there will be an additional special discount coupon sent to all clinic attendees at the
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The more clinics you attend, the bigger the discount,
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More Workshops are coming, including a special joint presentation as we travel to Classic Piano in Akron on August 28 for a Tony Caramina workshop.
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