We carry student violins in all sizes from 1/16 to 4/4. We also carry finer full-size instruments and bows for the advancing student from a variety of shops from around the world. We carry cases from Pro Tec, Knilling, Gewa and others. We sometimes have additional used instruments in as trade-ins or consignments. Finer new instruments in the $900-$3000 range are also in stock. Some of them are shown in our Violin Gallery, linked at left. If you'd like to come to the store to play some of these instruments or audition bows, contact us for available studio time.
At this time, our selections for viola and cello are growing, but limited.

FAQ on String Instruments
While we construct our own list, we suggest you start with the list Knilling offers. You can download an informative PDF document from our Publications area (linked at left). It gives you some information on sticking pegs, bridges, etc ad well as care tips and history of the violin and its prominent makers.
When in doubt, feel free to call us or stop in with violin questions. Shannon or Dan can help you through most common problems.

We have a rental program for fractional student instruments, a growing library of instructional music and solo literature, and accessories.

String Department

NEW violins from the Johannes Kohr and August Kohr line are in stock.

We are also a dealer for the high-quality, German-designed cases from GEWA, and now have sources for several other high-end brands. See us for details!

We are proud to have
Peter Horn
providing repairs
and appraisals for us.

Repairs And Appraisals

Mr. Horn received his training in Mittenwald, Germany, and worked for Scherl & Roth when
he first came to America years ago. He maintains
his shop in the Brecksville/North Royalton area, but still visits Skyline Music regularly to do work
for his West Side customers.

Peter Horn is in our store to do basic repairs the firstSaturday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm. He can usually do bow rehairing, bridge replacement, soundpost adjustment, peg work, etc., while he is in the store. More extensive work like body cracks and finish touchups are usually done at his shop and picked up at the store on his next visit, or you may make arrangements for pickup directly from him. Verbal appraisals are $25 and no appointment is neccessary. Written appraisals for insurance or sale purposes can be arranged with him; they usually require extra time so he can take measurements and issue papers for you. For more information about Peter Horn, or to contact him directly, visit his website.

LEFT: Peter at the bench at Skyline Music, setting a soundpost.


Peter Horn Schedule

Our Instrument selection process:
We constantly search for new sources and makers and procure instruments "on approval" from them whenever possible. When a new instrument arrives , we poll our teachers and other violinists we know for their assessment of its sound, and Peter Horn inspects each one to be sure it's well adjusted and stable in our challenging Cleveland climate.
Any instrument found lacking is either returned to the supplier or relegated to the rental pool, so the instruments on display are the best we've found.

The REFORMULATED Zyex violin strings are now available! Shannon Williams is a Zyex user, and was a little anxious about them changing something she already liked. We're happy to report that she loves them--and you can read why in her review by clicking on the Zyex package!


Please contact the store to confirm Peter's bench day if you have an EMERGENCY repair, or if you will be bringing a bass or cello that needs extensive work so he can allocate time and
materials for your needs.

When you select an instrument from our assortment, we provide a full year of service an adjustments to ensure that it stays in top playing condition as it settles into its new home. When shopping for a pickup for my violin I wanted something easy to use with a good sound. A friend recommended the Realist pickup to me and I have been extremely happy with the purchase. It gives my violin a very natural sound, not at all nasally like some pick-ups, and in fact improves the tone quality of the instrument I am using. I can now play with other amped instruments with ease and do not have to worry about ending up with a good sounding microphone.
SEE US for more information on The Realist--available for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.

We can now audition Coda bows, and are beginning to carry some of the Diamond series in stock for violin. See us for info!