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We polled our teachers--and we're adding the thoughts of other players and area teachers-on the ongoing debate over string choices. You will hear some teachers universally recommend one brand for al their students, because in their experience, they like that string over a variety of instruments. In practice, you'll see that there is no absolute. Sometimes, the best solution for you and your instrument (and bow) is reached through experimentation. Here are some examples:

Orchestra Strings

Name:Mary Kettering.
Activities:Skyline faculty, soloist, orchestra section work, fiddle.
Uses:Pirastro Tonica
Style(s):Classical, bluegrass

"(fiddler) Megan Lynch recommended these to me. They help round out the brightness of my instrument--some strings sound too edgy."

Name:Dawn Kulikowski.
Activities:Forner Skyline faculty, Orchestra section work, school orchestra director.
Uses:Infeld Red with Infeld Blue E
Style(s):Classical, contemporary

"My college professor recommended this setup. I like the warmth of the Reds, but wanted a brighter E with more projection."

Name:Shannon Williams.
Activities: Skyline faculty, Orchestra section work, fiddle.
Instrument: Jean Baptiste Colin,1908
Uses:Zyex Composite or Pirastro Obbligato with Kaplan non-whistling E
Style(s):Classical, Irish/Scottish fiddle

"I like the bottom strings for their clarity and warmth. The E is the only one I've found that won't whistle on my violin, and it tones down the brightness enough to blend well with the others."

What's your preference? If you play professionally or teach, let us know. We're trying to compile a good cross section of opinion and share your experience with others still questing for the right string!

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