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Band Instruments

We have represented Jupiter Band Instruments in the Cleveland area for over 22 years. Jupiter's parent factory, KHS Musical Instruments, is one of the largest in the world. In addition to offering the Jupiter line, they manufacture sub-assemblies for many other major band instrument companies and provide finished instruments under proprietary brand names to others. They are also the makers of MAPEX drumsets and Hercules stands.
We have always been pleased with the quality of Jupiter's fit and finish. Their entry level horns offer improvements that continually place their instruments above the average student model. Their Artist models boast features seldom found in the price bracket. In addition to their student instruments and step up wind instruments, they also offer the Quantum line of marching brass and percussion, Mapex school and marching percussion., Majestic percussion instruments,and Altus professional flutes

For more infomation on individual products, visit or click on one of the brands above.

Jupiter's guarantee rivals any in the industry! Add our 1 year service and adjustments coverage (which we provide FREE with every new horn we sell), and it's hard to find better support for the instrument you

Our one year service coverage provides adjustments, cleaning, and maintenance on your instrument for maximum playability. We cover wear-and-tear items that the warranty doesn't cover, like pads, corks, and springs...everything but denting and abuse. (Which means, folks, that we don't cover marching band damage, either. Trampling is NOT covered under this program! ) With a beginning student, though, it's great peace of mind to know that both Jupiter and Skyline Musc will be there to help if needed!

We are pleased to offer the new Azumi flutes, a collaboration between
Jupiter and the Altus flute company. Combining the same headjoint and cut found on the high-end , multi-thousand dollar Altus flutes (made of Brittannia silver, purer than sterling!) with a body made by Jupiter (available either in silver plate
or sterling silver), these instruments instantly won the admiration of our flute teachers,. Once they found that the price is in line with non-hybrid flutes
from other manufacturers, they were even more impressed!

While we usually have at least the plated-
body model in stock, this has been the
fastest, most consistent seller in our history,
so please call ahead to determine availability!