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We carry a variety of accessory products for most instruments. Some of these are shown in their respective departments, but here we'll let you know that we feature the well conceived and finely crafted products from D'Addario's Planet Waves line, Access & Pro Tec cases and bags, Rico and Vandoren reeds (including the LaVoz, Mitchell Lurie, V12, V16 and other lines from both companies)and D'Addario strings, including their Pro Arte, Zyex, Helicore, Prelude, XL, and EXP lines. We sometimes carry only a strength or gauge used by our regular customers in stock, but we're happy to order specialty items from these companies. There's never any extra charge unless you want items shipped. For large purchases of specialty items, a deposit may be required.

For a downloadable PDF about the Rico Reserve Reeds, CLICK HERE.

We also stock instrument and music stands from K&M (Konig & Meyer), Belmonte, Manhasset, and Hamilton; Bach, Harmon, and Jo-Ral brass mutes; and woodwind mouthpieces from Vandoren. (We also are growing our collection of Bach trumpet mouthpieces and Selmer woodwind mouthpieces, but selection is limited to the most common items at the moment..)

Check out closeout accessories in the Skyline Music Outlet Store on ebay! When we discontinue a style or a line from our regular inventory, we list the remaining items there at blowout prices!

Wonder how different reed brands measure up in strength? Click here for Vandoren's handy comparison chart!
There's also a link to mouthpiece comparisons!